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“Life is difficult,” wrote Scott Peck, PhD. in the first line of his book THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED. Yes, modern life is often peppered with stress and difficulties to the point at which we sometimes feel a little or even a lot out of control. No, Pathways Counseling Center of Spring Hill can’t make your problems go away, but we can help clients better manage problems of daily living by aiding them in making new and healthier choices. We help clients recognize some of the more “common” afflictions of modern living and their causes while offering suggestions and guidance for solutions to fit each client’s personal situation.

Today’s world offers countless opportunities for worry — from finances to health issues to terrorism; but excessive worry can sabotage a person’s chance for a healthy, happy life. We have a competent staff of psychotherapists with a variety of backgrounds who can help you find the pathway to your personal growth and success.

Our therapists have a combined history that totals more than 150 years of experience in the mental health field. Each of the therapists has various areas of expertise and our office staff can schedule you with the therapist who can guide you toward resolution of issues you present in your confidential initial telephone call.

Pathways Counseling Center was the dream of Nancy Makar. Nancy originally thought she would have to open a private practice in a county south of Hernando but quickly discovered she could grow with Hernando County. The current owner, Roberto Quiroz began with Pathways in 2008 and decided to continue the legacy that Nancy had started to help the individuals and families of Hernando County as well as neighboring Counties with their life struggles. Currently, there are three office staff and eleven licensed psychotherapists who are independent contractors to meet your mental health needs. We have “real” people who answer our telephone lines, but if you happen to reach the voicemail, please leave your name and telephone number; someone will return your call in a brief period of time.

Pathways Counseling Center began operating in 1991 and is the longest running private practice center in the county. The office is conveniently located on Commercial Way, near the pink dinosaur, which allows residents of Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties to avail themselves of our services. Pathways is one of the few centers in several counties with late evening appointments available.

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